【NEWS】AppleMusicにAlexChiltonのソロ作が多数追加。『Feudalist Tarts』をチェック


Apple MusicにAlex Chitonのソロ作が多数追加されています。


「Feudalist Tarts」


「High Priest」


「A Man Called Destruction」



名盤「Black List」も「Feudalist Tarts」の中に含まれています(Little GTO〜I Will Turn Your Money Green)。


BigStarの作品も聴けるのでAlex Chiltonのファンの方は要チェックです。



    Alex Chilton disappeared from view after the debacle of Like Flies on Sherbert. This comeback EP, released after a five-year album silence, is a fine and rootsy delight worthy of its artist’s reputation. Many of the songs on this platter contain prominent brass and saxophone backing textures; the horn section gets a chance to shine in its own right on the jazzy shuffle number “Stuff” and takes full advantage of it. “Lost My Job” is a raw blues selection featuring enjoyable Dylanesque harmonica touches. “Paradise” is an appealing, forthright 1950s-style crooning number. There are three successful covers here as well, including a smooth version of the Carla Thomas hit “B-A-B-Y” and a solidly funky rendition of Slim Harpo’s blues selection “Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo.” The latter affords Chilton some excellent solo opportunities for harmonica and guitar, all of which are executed in attractively gritty fashion; at the end of this number, there is an especially nice interplay section between the trumpet, saxophone, and harmonica. Chilton’s singing is reserved at times, but always eloquent. Production and sound quality are fine here. This release is well worth hearing. …  サイトへ移動 『Feudalist Tarts』



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